Humanitarian platform that connects volunteers and donors with the people and organizations in need.


Needs Map (İhtiyaç Haritası) is a non-profit, interactive humanitarian platform that connects people or institutions in need of volunteer work (in various fields such as education, healthcare or transportation) or life essentials such as shelter, clean water and electricity with individuals or organizations who wish to provide help and make a difference. 


The mobile design offers easy navigation of the map interface and enables users to instantly publish new help requests or offers.

Tech Stack

Adobe CC



Saygun Erkaraman

(Creative Director) 

Hamza Erbay

(Front-End Developer) 



Golden Spider, Best Social Platform Award
Various Global & Local Sponsorship Deals
Featured in Global & Local (Turkey) Media
Over 13K Active Users

8 months

Project Overview

Category Icons

The initial step of the UI/UX design enhancement and the mobile UX integration process was to design a specific icon for each of the different categories that the users could choose for the type of donation and/or volunteer work they were looking to provide or receive.

The challenge was to conceptualize and come up with a clear, minimal and direct visual representation for each category, of some which were extremely specific. After a few rounds of brainstorming, sketching and vector design iterations, I came up with a final set of category icons, which is displayed below.

Mobile UI/UX

When I took on this project, the desktop version of the overall UI and UX had already been finalized. I was asked to construct a user experience system that adapts well to the advantages and limitations of a mobile device screen, while keeping the visual language and UI elements of the desktop version.

With the introduction of the new new set of category icons, which ended up being used in the desktop version of the platform as well, I designed the mobile UX screens displayed below. Both the category icons and the mobile screens are being used in the current version of the platform today.

Map/List Views and Search Filter
Notifications Dropdown and Hamburger Menu
and Sign-up Landing Pages
Sign-up Form
Donation Request Forms
User Profile

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Golden Spider (Altın Örümcek) 2017
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